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Process is an essential part of any collaboration.

The design process is built around a a formula that allows us to work from the inside out to build something that is both aligned & pushes the right boundaries.



Before we can dive into your magic, we’ll need to collect, curate, and organize your ideas and vision for the upcoming project.

Pre-project work is essential- maybe the most essential- step in the process. It allows us to start the project with a sense of clarity and a desired end-goal. Without this end-goal, we can’t map your brand experience, the story, or your visuals.

01. The brand workbook to help you gain clarity on your mission and values
02. A clarity call to review your vision and goals
03. A Pinterest board to collect visual inspiration & ideas

stories (4).png

02. Vision

aka The Brand Plan

This phase is where I will pull together all of your findings, inspiration, and ideas and start to build connections between your audience and brand goals to outline a personality for your new brand. We’ll personify your brand to create a character that connects with your audience. Because, let’s face it- without characters, there can be no memorable story.

Once the personality is developed, visuals will be brainstormed in a mood board to help demonstrate how these facets of personality will come to life.

01. audience clarification
02. color theory + plan
03. mood board
04. visual cues for the design phase

Curious how this looks? Check my Instagram stories for a walkthrough.


No one wants a brand that is all looks & no brains.

so we start from the heart

03. design phase

Now that we have a clear end-goal, a roughly constructed map, and both characters for your audience and your brand, let’s craft a visual story. Let’s build a set of visuals that are unmistakable, unforgettable, and strategically crafted. Don’t fret, they’ll be beautiful too. Whether we are executing an identity or a site, we will build it by layering psychology, strategy, design, and heart.

01. color palette
02. typography suggestions + styling
03. logo design with variations
04. brand style guide
05. brand collateral
06. website design + development
(package dependent)


Details for projects

project management: Asana
communications: Asana and/or Slack
file delivery: google drive + asana
web platforms: squarespace + showit
final communication: never! reach out anytime
client learning: secure ‘HUB’ with ongoing resources