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Designing a wellness brand can get really trite, really quickly.  For Tapestry, Ivy & I worked to create a modern, luxe brand identity that would connect with emerging female thought-leaders and industry disruptors.  We wanted wellness with a hint of edge and a splash of high-end style.  

A primarily neutral palette with teal hues alongside emerald builds a modern brand with a hat tip to traditional wellness and holistic practices.

When designing the Tapestry logo, I wanted to have an airiness to the lettering and the icon.  I envisioned each having these small strings unravelling as if in a well-loved tapestry.  After all, the brand name is intended to reference the weaving together of elements. 

The triangular icon is the staple of the brand- forming a pattern for printed materials, a frame for imagery, and of course, a distinguished brand mark.  We added a few more 'frame' styles into the mix (shown in the image to the left) to add a rich, bold element to otherwise soft imagery. 


logo design
wellness branding for female entrepreneurs
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logo and branding for wellness brand, tapestry

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