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the design

creative, editorial, and bright

The Lizz Summers brand & online space was one part glossy editorial and 1 part creative spirit.  Gorgeous, magazine-worthy images and bold lettering details offer a sense of luxury, while the color is bold, confident and empowering. ... basically everything you would want in a coach. 

oh my god
this is so magnificent
I actually feel a bit emosh
— Lizz Summers
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special details from this project

Every project has special details that really push the design to the next level.  In this case, we worked through a ton of branded collateral.  This helps Lizz stand out and build a trust with her audience through social media templates, slide decks for webinars, eBook design, printed letterhead and business cards, Plus a fancy new email signature to show off her brand photos & logo.  

The goal with the brand visuals was to blend a glossy, editorial style, creativity, and confidence.  These special details are how the studio set the Lizz Summers brand + online home apart.

  • custom coded paragraph and image backgrounds on web
  • custom fonts on her Squarespace site
  • bold typography details + drop caps
  • magazine inspired layouts
  • instagram templates (check it out here)
  • subtle hover effects on web
  • custom patterns for printed collateral

brand collateral

lizz insta.png
  • facebook cover image (animated)
  • instagram templates
  • eBook template
  • presentation slide deck template
  • business cards
  • email signature

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