The Brand Form

Now that you have worked through your Brand Basics Workbook, let's distill your ideas.

the goal is for me to be able to fully understand your mission, goals & audience- please be as specific as possible

brand vibes
your brand personality *
check all that apply
from the words above, what would be the top 3 to describe your brand?
your niche + goals
*please provide links where possible
what sets you apart from the 3 brands listed above? is it your personality? your offerings? (be specific)
near future & extended goals for your brand (these are NOT business goals, but how your brand aims to serve it's audience- through what channels? -services, workshops, products, etc) think about now, in 1 year, in 5 years?
Your brand goal should NOT be about you- number of followers, revenue goals, etc. They should be audience-centered.
your audience
every brand should attempt to solve a problem or ease a pain point for their audience. what problem will your brand solve for your audience?
visual inspo