Fresh & New: a new year and new goals

It's the start of a fresh new year... well, enough into the year that my champagne hangover has cured & I am back in the thick of getting shit done. With a fresh year, I revel in building new goals, projects and routines for the coming year.  With this spirit of #hustle, but also with a mindset of intention and making SMART goals, I've rounded up my favorite resources for goal-setting and self love.  

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How to use Polyvore + Squarespace for lifestyle bloggers

If you are a style, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, you might struggle with creating awesome graphics for your blog.  

You want to share your ideas visually- let's face it (+ science says so) we process visual communication more quickly and with more influence than written communication.  In this post, we will delve into using a Polyvore set for your blog so you can have a professional looking graphic. 

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How To Set Up a 404 Page Redirect in Squarespace + Why You Need To

Have you ever clicked a link to read a blog post or check out a service and gotten the 'page not found' message? Super annoying, right?  Not only are you no finding the content you were looking for, but it also makes the site feel less credible.  I feel like you're probably not trying to annoy people and look unprofessional in your online space... just a hunch.  That annoying page is called a 404 page.  

Here's why you need one & how to set it up in 5 minutes or less.

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How to Create a Custom Mockup in Photoshop

Web mockups are sooo useful for online entrepreneurs & bloggers.  It gives us a way to share what our online space looks like.  Sure you can screen shot your website, but when sending out a media kit, sharing site updates or launching new features or courses, it's not cutting it.  

There are 101+ ways to create a mock up & you can certainly hire a designer (eh em) to do it for you, but it's really simple to do yourself as well.  All you need is a picture to work from.  

* keep reading & download your free stock image to use

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COLOR LOVE: Blush, Charcoal & Silver

Mood Boards are the starting point (or should be) for any visual project you are planning.  A mood board is a visual representation of a personality of an attitude that will help you decipher key elements for recreating that personality in your project or brand.  Maybe you want to slim down your wardrobe to essential pieces or you are redecorating your office, either way you want to start with a well-curated inspiration board. 

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