3 questions you need to ask your Squarespace designer before you drop a dime

After working with several web design clients who have come to me after poor experiences with other Squarespace designers, I have determined that there are 3 questions that can help you decide if your new designer is really a good fit for your brand vision... before you lay down that deposit.

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How To Set Up a 404 Page Redirect in Squarespace + Why You Need To

Have you ever clicked a link to read a blog post or check out a service and gotten the 'page not found' message? Super annoying, right?  Not only are you no finding the content you were looking for, but it also makes the site feel less credible.  I feel like you're probably not trying to annoy people and look unprofessional in your online space... just a hunch.  That annoying page is called a 404 page.  

Here's why you need one & how to set it up in 5 minutes or less.

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