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DIY DESIGN: creating gorgeous worksheet mockups in canva + a free template

Want to share promotional images of your opt in freebie, worksheet or ebook?  Not sure how to make those fancy images you see on other blogs?  Let me help.  Here's how to do it using canva + a free template I created just for you.  If you want more control, the video tutorial also shows how to create your own in photoshop.

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How to Create a Custom Mockup in Photoshop

Web mockups are sooo useful for online entrepreneurs & bloggers.  It gives us a way to share what our online space looks like.  Sure you can screen shot your website, but when sending out a media kit, sharing site updates or launching new features or courses, it's not cutting it.  

There are 101+ ways to create a mock up & you can certainly hire a designer (eh em) to do it for you, but it's really simple to do yourself as well.  All you need is a picture to work from.  

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