T.Cooper Consulting

brand identity & custom squarespace design


T.Cooper Consulting is a firm that focuses on helping small and emerging beauty brands dream, develop and package their products.  As someone who is obsessed with all things beauty, this was a dream! I was able to create a brand that will resonate with budding beauty entrepreneurs, while keeping the brand spunky.  

the mood board

the mood board

Tamika's aesthetic was a perfect fit for my style  We worked to create an identity that felt fresh, modern and creative.  She was not at all interested in overly feminine, subdued colors. Tamika wanted the brand to feel lively, creative and bold.  A brand for people who want to stand out in the industry and make a statement.  

For her online space we wanted to be sure to pull in color while maintaining plenty of space.  The overall goal was to keep the aesthetic light and airy while delivering attitude with pops of color and bold, boxy fonts.  

branding and custom squarespace design by Revamp Amor