3 ideas about standing out- the good, the bad + the ugly

5 ideas about standing out- the good, the bad + the ugly

I hear so much chatter in facebook groups about finding your tribe and standing out.  Welp, sometimes the advice is more clear than we want to believe.  After connecting with hundreds of creatives for various projects- pitches, collabs, giveaways, clients, students, masterminds- I have a few trinkets to share about standing out.

1. be polite, courteous + a human.

I am sure you're thinking, but i AM a human!  Then act like it.  :) When you are trying to stand out, how you interact with people has an amazingly huge impact.  When you email someone (not necessarily your list), address them by name and introduce yourself.  I get so many potential clients who reach out and say Hello!  What are your prices?  Thanks.  Then I have to feel like: Umm... hi, hello.. Who are you? Which service? What are your goals? What is your name? (You'd be surprised how many don't even sign the closing.)  Same goes with facebook groups.  If you want to connect with some badass women on facebook, you want them to love you and respect you, don't roll into a group and just start dumping links / services / bullshit.  You have to give your time and show your humanity.  Link + services droppers are #theworst.  It's a surefire way to lose respect. 

action tips for standing out as a human:  

  1. Use peoples' names whenever possible.  
  2. When you reach out to someone new, be personable, share your story and type in full sentences.
  3. If someone helps you/ reaches out to you, respond (also in full sentences) + say thank you.


2. know who you are + bonus, who you aren't

It can be SO HARD to really be yourself online.  SO. HARD.  I know; I'm an introvert and I hate small talk.  But staying true to who you are is the best way stand out.  Who you are is the key building a brand that is completely unique to you.  

action tips for authenticity:  

  1. If someone wants to hire you, but it's not your wheelhouse, don't take the job.  They'll respect you for that + most likely try to find a way to work with someone who has your integrity.
  2. Use instagram stories / facebook live to connect with your audience about your niche and possibly a bit about yourself.  Use these as a way to share your 'uncurated' personality.   
  3. If someone helps you/ reaches out to you, respond (also in full sentences) + say thank you.  You might even throw a public thank you into the world and tag them.


3. get visual!

Knowing your unique point of view is the first step, but you'll want to show off your standpoint.  So what better way than to start to express yourself visually.  You'll want to start expressing your awesome, unique, human perspective and building a few visual styles to reflect that.  Think of it like a wardrobe that speaks to your personality.  Are you a preppy, polo shirt and washed out jeans type of brand? Maybe leather leggings, a cut off t-shirt and on-trend sneakers?  Based on your standpoint, offering and personality, 'dress' your brand.

action tips for getting visual:  

  1. Define 3 key personality traits you want to convey visually.
  2. Create a moodboard that represents your standpoint and personality in a vial way.  (need help?  read about creating a mood board here)   
  3. Choose colors based on your mood board and use them on everything.  (watch this video about choosing brand colors)
  4. Select 2-3 fonts that will help solidify your vision.  They can add a casual feel, or maybe luxury or even modernity.  (read more about font personalities here.)


Now's the time to Get to work! 

Start standing out!  Let me know how it goes!  Need more to sink your teeth into?  Check out the complete Brand Studio Course to learn the behind the scenes as well as the methodology and techniques to really build your brand and stand out.  


Or if you have questions of get stuck + want to work together, I'd love to chat!