HOW TO: Creating a Blog Signature in Squarespace

Ready to take your squarespace blog to the next design level?  Creating a blog signature within SQSP will help you promote your top links & create a custom feel while using the standard SQSP blocks- no special coding required.  Just follow the steps below:

*the demo video uses canva to provide a free option, but this can totally be done in photoshop if you're more design savvy

Create your signature as an image

Using canva or photoshop, create an image to use as your signature.  I recommend using a transparent brackground (saved as a PNG) if you are using photoshop.  The only design restriction is that any elements that link must be aligned horizontally, not stacked.  Once complete, save your image as a PNG. 

Create a new gallery page in SQSP

In squarespace, create new 'gallery' page. Title the page 'signature or something similar.  This page should be under your 'not linked' section so it does not appear in any navigation. 

Upload your signature image

Upload your image.  You will need to upload the same image multiple times.  For each 'link' you will need an image. For example, my signature (in the video demo) has 4 links, so I uploaded the original image 4 times.

Crop the image to create separate 'links'

You will crop each image to the area that will link.  Think of it as a puzzle- you wan to have each part stop where the next part begins so it makes a complete image. Once cropped they should all fit together to make the original image.

For each image, click the gear & add a clickthrough link. Paste in an external link or a 'content' link for each image.

Add your signature to your post

At the end of the blog post add a 'carousel' gallery block.  Select the 'existing gallery' option & link the gallery page you just created.  Save. Now resize the block to show all of the images in your signature.  This will keep it from rotating.  


Ta-Da!  you now have a blog signature with unique clickable links.  BAM.  You're a web design boss.  

PS now you know how I made this signature ;)