How to use Polyvore + Squarespace for lifestyle bloggers

better blog graphics with polyvore and squarespace

If you are a style, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, you might struggle with creating awesome graphics for your blog.  

You want to share your ideas visually- let's face it (+ science says so) we process visual communication more quickly and with more influence than written communication.  In this post, we will delve into using a Polyvore set for your blog so you can have a professional looking graphic. 

Polyvore is an amazing tool that allows non-designers create beautiful round ups and imagery for their blogs.  It's web-based, easy to use & free.  The only issue is to install it on your lovely Squarespace site, you're fucking up the mobile responsiveness.  It's not the correct size when you place the Polyvore code in.  It doesn't scale.  It's making your site look less professional.  argh.  

If you plan on working with brands or sponsors and you need to show their products, you need it to look professional and clean.  To this end, I created a quick tutorial for using your Polyvore images on your Squarespace blog to create better blog graphics that link to your Polyvore set.  If you are promoting another brand, use the link to insert your sponsor's link or your affiliate link. The possibilities are really endless.  


One word of caution with Polyvore:


click play below to see the tutorial