photoshop tutorial: how to easily change a color using a layer mask

This is the perfect Photoshop tutorial for bloggers or entrepreneurs who want to quickly edit photos to match their brand colors.  

Using a Photoshop color + layer mask is a super simple way to keep your brand colors consistent and get custom-style imagery from free stock resources like Unsplash.  My clients are always wanting to know more about branding their social media images and editing photos in a way that stays ' on brand'.  Color is one of the strongest visual elements for a visual brand & lucky for you, a simple one to manipulate in your images.


Although I'm providing a simple written tutorial, the magic happens in the video.  If you can't watch it now, pin it for later or bookmark the page.  :)


How to re-color in Photoshop step by step

  1. Import image to PS
  2. duplicate the layer image (in case you fuck up) and turn off the original's visibility
  3. select the areas you want to edit using the magic wand tool
  4. click the layer mask tool on the layers panel
  5. create a new layer
  6. use the paint bucket tool to fill the new layer with your desired color
  7. change the color layer to 'color' under layer styles
  8. drag the mask box from the image layer onto the color layer (now the color is masked, not the image)
  9. Boom!  new color.  You can use the paint bucket to edit the overlay color.