3 lessons I learned about running a business from getting a facial

revamp, amor design studio- 3 lessons learned

Sometimes you do things to take your mind OFF of your business.  We've all done it- we go to the gym, shop, have cocktails or get a facial.  What I was not expecting was to learn 3 things about my business from getting my first facial. So, here's what happened:


You've got to calm the fuck down sometimes

While I was laying there having the MOST amazing facial / dermaplaning session, I could not calm down. I thought I was 'relaxed', but then I'd notice my glutes were contracted or my hands were tense.  Clearly I have some stress and anxiety issues I need to work through.  I love to hustle (because I LOVE what I do) but it's key to release now and then so you don't burn out


Follow your heart + dream big

As the specialist brushed the mask on, my thoughts kept bouncing around about how to help this salon rebrand.  Their current brand does not speak to the quality of the service and products.  They are KILLING IT... but you'd never know from the online or in person brand.  If you would have told me a few years ago that I'd be running my own business & following a passion, I'd have laughed.  I couldn't have imagined taking such a big leap of faith (and hustle).  Best decision I've made in life.  We are all meant for something, but it takes bravery to have faith that you can make it happen.  Follow your crazy dreams, you never know what might happen.


Success isn't one action, it's a continuous decision

The salon owner and I had several long talks about skincare.  Since starting my business, self-care has been an afterthought.   She kept emphasizing that proper care was continuous, not just a random act.  There's upkeep.  BOOM. Building a successful business isn't about one great post / job / website / logo.  It's about building that out.  Making the next great post / job and updating your brand and continuously sharing your vision.  This isn't saying you should rebrand all the time, but more that you should keep your brand fresh through social media, content and personal sharing.  Be continuous!