Design Freebie: Epic Ipad (+new bonus) Mockups In Canva


updated 05/ 24

I just wanted to drop in and share this quick template I made.  I kept hearing questions about how people make these, so I thought I'd create a quick template for you all to edit & make your own.  Each template is ready to go- just drop in the screenshot of your site, ebook, course or product.

Screen Mockups are perfect for

  • course previews
  • ebook promotions
  • blog post sharing
  • new website launches

variations including

  • both left and right tilts + shadows
  • light and dark shadows to best fit your background choice
  • marble background
  • laptop, desktop + iPad variations
  • worksheet variations

to use

1. screenshot the content you'd like to use on the screen

2. upload to canva

3. open the templates on your account

4.  drop the uploaded image onto the iPad screen + boom- it's ready (you may need to 'ungroup' the shadow from the image frame in the updated versions!)

5. save and download

6. repeat as often as you'd like