Fresh & New: a new year and new goals

It's the start of a fresh new year... well, enough into the year that my champagne hangover has cured & I am back in the thick of getting shit done. With a fresh year, I revel in building new goals, projects and routines for the coming year.  With this spirit of #hustle, but also with a mindset of intention and making SMART goals, I've rounded up my favorite resources for goal-setting and self love.  


#hustle + #goals + #self-love

  • Zoe Linda talks about productivity & her favorite methods, apps, and tools HERE
  • Elle of Elle & Co spills her secrets on scheduling your most productive week HERE
  • want a better morning routine? Rachel Gadiel has you covered IN THIS POST
  • 10 reasons you need more self-love... like the physical, alone-in-your-room kind
  • a quick 5 step workout from Bri over on REVAMPED Magazine
  • the perfect green smoothie recipe to keep clear skin when no one has time for an extended daily routine