Launched: Feather & Blade Brow Parlor

feather & blade brand refresh & web design by Revamp Amor Design Studio

Feather & Blade is a brow parlor in Lexington, Kentucky.  Holly, the owner, came to me to build a site that broke out of the typical Squarespace boxes. She wanted a site that was custom, artistic and reflected her moody, yet creative, aesthetics.

Project Details

Brand Refresh

When clients are ready to build their online spaces, but don't have a full brand style guide to work from, we will work to build the brand's basic visual style and art direction before we begin.  In this case, Holly had the logo+ icon, but not an exact color or font palette to work from.  We worked to pin down these visual elements while developing a strong artistic direction that she can expand past her online home.  

Web Design

Our design focused on getting her booked.  To accomplish the goal, we made sure that her navigation and site flow prompted people to inquire.  

For the visual side of the site, we wanted to really build a strong aesthetic and create a site that had layers of interest.  When building modern & minimal sites, the challenge is to add unexpected flourish that really carries the site to the next level.  For the F&B site, we used overlapping elements, interesting art photos and small animations on the pages with little content (like the contact page). 

custom squarespace design by Revamp Amor