How To Set Up a 404 Page Redirect in Squarespace + Why You Need To

How to create a custom 404 page in squarespace: why you need one + a video tutorial from the Revamp, Amor Design Studio

Have you ever clicked a link to read a blog post or check out a service and gotten the 'page not found' message? Super annoying, right?  Not only are you no finding the content you were looking for, but it also makes the site feel less credible.  I feel like you're probably not trying to annoy people and look unprofessional in your online space... just a hunch.  That annoying page is called a 404 page.  

Unfortunately, they happen.  You delete an old blog post, you change your services menu, or completely overhaul your website.. and boom, a link breaks and a visitor finds a 404 page.  But did you realize that reaching a 404 page actually hurst your SEO ranking with Google?  Yep... they think you're a mess and will move you straight down the list.  

So what can you do to help remedy your 404 issues?  

The easiest solution is to create a redirect.  Redirects will take the viewer to a specific page in the case that the page they are trying to go to cannot be found.   


With a homepage redirect, you can send them to your blog homepage, services page or simply your homepage. This is a quick fix in squarespace and keeps people poking around your site versus getting annoyed.  If you aren't super into creating new pages, of you're at your plan's limit, this is a great option.


The second option is to create a page specifically for 404 redirects.  I like to use a cover page and give a few links for visitors to follow.  This option will take an extra 5 minutes (yeah... just 5), but will make your site much more user friendly.  


watch the video tutorial & create your own redirect in minutes

Not sure what your 404 page is set to? Try this: type this into the navigation bar:  With the assumption that you have not "Cotton Candy" pages, this link won't work and will go to your 404.  

Once you've created your redirect, try the link again... see, much less annoying <3