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Launched: Feather & Blade Brow Parlor

LAUNCHED!  Feather & Blade is now live on squarespace!  This brow parlor is creative, artistic and not your typical salon, which made it a dream to design.  Holly and I worked together to perfect her brand's visuals and art direction before design her custom squarespace site. 

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3 color strategies to create a killer brand palette

Choosing colors can be hard if you aren't a designer.  Are your brand colors your favorite colors?  Is there a set of rules for what to include?  Although there is no quick and easy set of rules for designing your palette, there are several ways to help you narrow down the choices and create a balanced palette.

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How to use Polyvore + Squarespace for lifestyle bloggers

If you are a style, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, you might struggle with creating awesome graphics for your blog.  

You want to share your ideas visually- let's face it (+ science says so) we process visual communication more quickly and with more influence than written communication.  In this post, we will delve into using a Polyvore set for your blog so you can have a professional looking graphic. 

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