BRAND INSPO: modern & feminine

DIY brand board.  colors, patterns & fonts to help you build a brand identity  -Revamp, Amor

Hey, babes!  Today I'm trying a different kind of post.  I'll be creating a brand mock up board that includes inspiration photos, fonts & patterns.  Basically, these boards will be everything you need to start build consistency in your own brand.  Each post will be a different brand personality & I'll have the guides available for free download with color codes and font names.  I'd love to hear you thoughts!  Feel free to comment below the post.



accent font at top

floral pattern

triangle pattern

image #1 (dress)

image #2

image #3



summer- muted colors, fresh, delicate, flowing, empathetic, elegant, responsible, quality, aspirational & creative


Want all the details?  Get the color codes, fonts & a downloadable pDF version of this board for free.  

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