Could high heels mean high power?

high heels

As we approach the new year, I am beginning to wonder how small changes might make the coming year the most successful one yet. One woman is giving a thought-provoking suggestion: power posing. No, not like a body lifter. Amy Cuddy gave this TED talk describing how body language, as many of us know, changes how others perceive us.  More interesting, however, is the finding that it actually changes the way we see ourselves & our hormonal balance. "Big poses" like spreading our arms out or placing them on your waists like Wonder Woman take up more space & boost our power. When we do these, our testosterone (power hormone) rises & our cortisol (stress hormone) lowers. In effect, changing our pose, changes our reality.

So how can fashionistas use this to build confidence and harness their power?  Well, of course we can look at how we are communicating through body language, but my mind wondered if I could take it to a new height- high heels.  Heels naturally change a woman's posture.  She stands up straighter and throws her shoulders back.  They also immediately help the well- heeled woman take up more space by giving her a bit more height. So is it possible? Could a fashion accessory make us more confident? Can our wardrobe not only reflect how we feel, but change who we are?  I can't say for certain, but it seems like a pretty endeavor at the very least.

I suppose this might be the best reason yet to wear a pair of heels.