Drinks: Cucumber & Jalapeño Cocktail

cucumber- jalapeño cocktail

As the summer days have come to an end & the weather has cooled, I often find myself lounging on the patio & enjoying the sunshine. The heat of the sun and cool breeze have inspired a bit of day drinking as well. This week (and the past few weeks), we have been enjoying this cool, refreshing cocktail that packs a bit of heat in its finish- perfect for sunny, fall days. ingredients, jalapeño, cucumber, lime


fresh jalapeño fresh cucumber cucumber-infused vodka- learn to infuse your own! simple syrup sprite ice limes (1 per)


shaker juicer muddler (or something to use to muddle)

How to:


1. Cut cucumber into small pieces and add to the shaker.

2. Slice jalapeño into small bits. Add these to the cucumber bits in the shaker.

  • This needs to be second onto your cutting board to that the cucumbers aren't absorbing the oils from the jalapeños yet.
  • Be careful to separate out the seeds so that you have subtly heat, not fire.

3. Pour 1.5 ounces of your cucumber-infused vodka into the shaker.

get it all togethermuddle it!

4. Muddle the contents of the shaker.

juice of 1 limeshake it!

5.  Juice 1 lime.  Add it to your mix.

6. Add a dash of simple syrup and ice. SHAKE! (Best to get out your frustration with life before you begin drinking) ;)

strain itenjoy it- cucumber-jalapeño delight

7. Strain the ingredients into your glass, & add a splash of sprite

8.  Garnish with jalapeño peel.

Invite your friends, go outside, soak up a few extra rays & enjoy your afternoon.

-Samantha & Justin