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I'm samantha

I am a designer devoted to helping you build a stunning (& strategic) visual identity + online space. Because... let's face it- it’s time for your vision to start being seen.


I want to help you define your vision and set a visual standard that not only gets noticed, but is remembered. A brand is the personification of your core values- so rather than talk about ‘it’, we’ll define ‘who’- because people seek emotional connections, not things. My job as a designer is to get your audience to have #allthefeels for your brand. Building pretty color palettes isn’t enough- that’s just lipstick. Let’s style a brand that has brains and beauty.


about me

I feel like a pretty typical millennial.  I went to university, moved abroad + came back, graduated, moved abroad again + came back, went back to university, fell into a job I hated, became depressed & finally asked myself what the fuck.  I studied visual communications & fine arts but was working as a high school foreign language department head (I did earn a Spanish degree on the side at University).  Dreamy was not in the description.  In fact, being myself wasn't in the description.  Revamp started as my outlet- a place I could be myself & share my inspiration.  As my passion grew, so did my confidence. Finally, I quit my job & started the Revamp Design Studio. I am so thankful to be able to help others like myself discover themselves, build confidence & develop their own visual stories - and really dive into being the boss in their lives. 

I  am passionate about helping women find themselves, develop a lifestyle & a unique personal brand (even if they don't call it a brand... but totally should).  The way we dress, our homes, how we live our lives, and of course our businesses- they all are part of our visual story. Whether you are building an epic beauty brand, are sharing your talents through services, or expressing yourself through a personal brand, you need to create a personality that resonates with your audience & stays authentic to who you are.  

My goal is to give you all of the tools & confidence you need to build something epic & find your own definition of success as a boss.  Let's build your visual identity with strategy, theory, and visuals that fully express your vision.  It's time to bring your vision into visuals. 


What better time than now to make all of our 'crazy' decisions?

Let's make cocktails, wear crazy makeup, gossip about shoes, invest in our dreams, take leaps of faith, & define who we are in this life.  Most importantly, let's not let anyone else define who we should be.  This is your life, your brand, and your business.
Make it stunning.




BA Visual Communications, Saint Louis University
secondary studies: studio arts, graphic design

BFA 3d Studio Art, University of Louisville
BA Spanish, University of Louisville
secondary studies: latin american & latino studies

TEFL Certification, Academia de Recoleta, Argentina

recognition + professional communities

40 Brilliant Brand Designers, 2019 edit, from The Brand Stylist

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Squarespace Circle Member