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therapist / wellness squarespace design

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forward-thinking + supportive



For the site, we wanted to showcase her services, allow for online booking (hello acuity block!) and connect with her audience through articles and features. The overall design was customized with CSS to create layers of pattern, images and text.  We also edited the contact form to make it fit the brand aesthetic and site design.  

By giving plenty of white space on the site, there is an inevitable sense of calm.  This was key to balancing he vibrant colors and text. For this brand, we wanted to appeal to young professionals through bold use of color while maintaining a professional and calming persona to reflect her work.  







6th street ipad.png
6th street office.png

special details from this project

Every project has special details that really push the design to the next level.  For the brand identity, we wanted to ground the visuals with supportive, gentle, and welcoming colors.  From there, we added bright pops of gender-neutral shades for a modern edge.  The brand pattern is professional enough to be serious, but we used it in layers to give it a youthful, creative feeling. 

The goal for the brand + site design were to really develop a personality that would attract the right clients and resonate with them.  These special details are how the studio set the 6th Street brand + squarespace site apart.

  • unique use of color 
  • minimalist design
  • customized CSS edits on web to create a unique site
    • form blocks
    • layered text + images
  • color overlays for the portfolio section brand the video cover while keeping the couple's video untouched
  • carefully curated stock photography

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